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Worksheet Set “Catastrophe – and then what?”


Digital PDF download therapy tool worksheet: ““Catastrophe – and then what?”

Decatastrophizing and Worry Exposure

This is a therapy tool for dealing with worries, future fears and “worst-case scenarios“. Ms. Worryfus is worrying non-stop about what could happen on her trip? Miss Catastrophedus is constantly fearing she will end up homeless and under a bridge if she makes even one mistake on a test? And Mr. Controlitall fears nothing more than a possible fainting spell because… why is that? Because that could mean he is ill, and that in turn could mean he could die and that would mean his children would grow up without him (ah, there is the pain!).

The best way to counter worrying thinking chains is to think them through to the end. This two-sided therapy tool helps you to really imagine the anticipated catastrophe and to endure the idea of it happening (= emotional exposure!). At the same time, it provides perspective by thinking beyond the worst moment. What would actually happen to the “worst moment ever” if you let a day, a week, a year, 10 years pass? Well, the brain adapts and at some point we (i.e. all those who survived the catastrophe) will lead a reasonably happy life again.

Instructions for use: You should use this therapy tool and the “and then what?” technique together with your patients and clients. Otherwise, it is easy for the person completing the form to miss the actual point of pain (avoidance) or get stuck at the worst moment. The important takeaway that you should support is: Life always goes on somehow and will be okay again. And if not, well, it doesn’t matter, because if you are not alive, you don’t feel anything.

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