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Worksheet Set “3 Perspectives on my Flaws”


Digital PDF Therapy Tool: Worksheet Set “3 Perspectives on my Flaws”

“3 Perspectives on my Flaws” – A therapy tool for more self-forgiveness

With this download you receive a set of worksheets that sheds light on the (assumed or actual) flaws, mistakes and shortcomings of the person filling out the worksheet from three different perspectives. After a brief definition of which flaw is to be discussed, the first perspective comes from the neutral observer. The neutral observer does not judge, but describes what is at stake in a scientifically curious way.

The second commentator is the common (inner) critic. This perspective scolds, condemns and devalues as much as it can. This voice is probably very familiar to some of your patients and clients, as it is the one they constantly use to talk to themselves.

In the third perspective, the person filling out the form develops the perspective of a friendly and comforting acquaintence. Most of us are also familiar with this voice, as we regularly use it to comfort our friends, partners, children etc. when something has gone wrong. Time to apply it to ourselves!

This therapy tool promotes tolerance and self-compassion. It can help you to distance yourself from your inner critic. It helps to reconcile with your own shortcomings and to forgive yourself. A great tool – indispensable for anyone who is regularly too hard on themselves (i.e. almost all of us…).

In this download, you will receive a long version of the 3 perspectives, which includes detailed instructions so that it is self-explanatory and can be given as homework. You will also receive a short version for people who have already gained initial experience with the technique and now want to consolidate it through repeated practice (after all, we have a lot to criticize ourselves for!).

This therapy tool is also included in the English Worksheets Mega Bundle which includes all English worksheets in one download at a 10% rebate.

Technische Infos

Du bekommst die Vorlage für die Arbeitsblätter direkt nach Zahlungseingang als hochlauflösende PDF Dateien. Die Dateien sind in einem Zip-Ordner verpackt. Den Zip Ordner musst du nach dem Download entpacken, zum Beispiel mit dem Programm 7-zip. Nach dem Download kannst du die Vorlage(n) selbst ausdrucken oder drucken lassen.

Bitte beachte, dass die Farben je nach Bildschirmeinstellung und Gerät abweichen können.


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Eine Vervielfältigung zu kommerziellen Zwecken und ein Weiterverkauf der Dateien in digitaler oder Printform sind untersagt.


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